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Trufaith Kismet Collision Course

Crash came to us in March 2008, and immediately took over the entire household, sleeping on the bed since the 1st night!! We have had to learn Havanese rules, but have both been completely captivated by this little force. He has us laughing daily with his silly antics.
He attended the Havanese regional and national specialties in August 08, and thrilled us by winning his class at both shows.  Learning to show a toy dog has been a very interesting experience!
In 2009 we obtained Taylor from Ruthellen Viall, and while she was home to grow some hair, she and Crash had an illicit romance. This resulted in 5 babies
4 girls and 1 boy born September 2nd.
How irresistible is he???
The last born was the boy.
this one is known as "the big girl"
Above is the one we call the Medium Girl
This little girl is known as "Goldie" - she looks like she wants to be marked like a litttle springer!
This little cutie is known as "spot" as she has spots of tan on her ears and back like her mom