Phantom's sire is Anne Hutchinson's Can Ch Serenade's Jersey Devil, and his dam is our Louise, Ch Kismet's the Bee's Knees.
Phantom finished at the tender age of 12 months, having won the breed over specials at his first show when he was 6 months.
Since he's such a character, he has wormed his way into our hearts and has become out pet boy.
Phantom was used as the sire of Lexus' first litter, producing lovely pups.
Charlie-Phantom is eye clear. Sadly, his hips are mildly dysplastic so he is not used at public stud.
When he first went to Andrew Doyle's house to be trained and shown, Andrew couldn't remember his name, so he called him Charlie while he was there, and the name 'stuck', and he answers to Charlie-Phantom.

Kismet One Love

Marley's sire is Ch Tiffany's Esspecial Imagery and his dam is Ch. Kismet Limited Edition (Lexus). This young hopeful of ours is handsome and sweet - one of the sweetest boys we've had. Marley Man is a champion and is brightening the lives of a dear family in PA.  He is OFA good and eye clear.

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Kismet Wipe Your Feet

Matt is sired by Phantom and his dam is Tess also. He is so named for all the spots that cover his 4 feet, making it appear as though he just stepped in MUD and needs to wipe his feet :-)

OK, well here he really needs to wipe EVERYTHING - grin
Award of Merit at Eastern specialty from Veterans
Phantom has Mild hip dysplasia and clear eyes.
BJ is OFA good, eyes clear, tri-factored and adorable.  He lives with Pam on the west coast, spending his days as a great ambassador for our breed!
Matt is OFA good and eye clear.

BJ is sired by Ch Kismet Harry Potter (Harry), out of Ch. Kismet Let 'Em Fly (Emily). He is OFA Good, Eyes clear. BJ is a very silly, happy boy who was born 5/17/05. His first litter is showing some promise.  BJ's pedigree is doubled on some of our favorite dogs.
BJ was one of only 2 survivors in his litter! Three of the babies contracted Canine            Virus when they were about 10 days old. The weather was hot and the heat lamp was turned off and the 3 that were affected got chilled, which made them susceptible to the virus.  2 of the pups were tri-color, which makes us hopeful that BJ carries the tri-factor gene.

Ch Kismet Perfect Picture
"Patrick O'Malley Riley"

Patrick is sired by Ch Ridgewyn Galfox Life is Good @ Kismet (JJ) and is out of Ch Kismet Simply Irresistable (Julia).  Patrick is OFA good and eye clear.  He recently thrilled us by taking Winner's dog and Best of Winners at Eastern ESSC specialty to finish.  He will be heading to the west coast in the spring of 2013 to live with Wendy for awhile.
Patrick as a baby winning a couple points

Grand Ch Kismet Nice Try!       "Cullen"

As a youngster
At 20 months
2.5 years old winning Select Dog at EESSC Specialty
Cullen is our young hopeful. He is Liver and white Tri-color and moves like a dream.  He finished when he was about 13 months of age. We hope to special him in 2013 (if we find a bag of money or a backer) and feel he'll do well.
Cullen is OFA mildly dysplastic in one hip, and his eyes are clear.