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Christmas 2004 - Phantom and Alice start learning to be photogenic at an early age.

2007, Phantom
Angels we have heard on High Street, 1994
1995, the 3 wise dogs brought gifts of Bones, Frank-the-cat and mirth
1996 - waiting for Rudolph
Hershey and Cool
Lexus and Phantom's son Charlie 2006
Harry Potter and Dally's pups 2006
Owned by Crickett Redmond
Some dogs are just natural at this posing stuff!
Lydia our foundation bitch
Hershey, Libby's favorite photo subject. He was soooooo patient with the photo shoots
Having advertised for long-eared, short-tailed help, the easter bunny was surprised at the applicants he got. 1994
Don't thew justh hate it when the Jelly beanth get caught in your lipth?

Birthday parties are fun too!