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The day after he arrived, he was having a jet lag moment and curled up in the BIG chair.

Crash was of course, thrilled with his new baby. Here they are in John's lap

Since he didn't want to be far from us, but since it was warm for a cold-blooded pup from the Northwest, he discovered the hearth - and now uses that as a sleeping space when he's warm.

All of our dogs that go back to this bloodline like to sleep with one foot up on the chair arm, and JJ is no different!

Friday October 11, after a little trim, we put him in a towel just for fun. He was his usual undaunted self. Here he's stealing contraband.

If you take your contraband under the coffee table, no one will see you.

Tired Pals

12-28-08, JJ is 5 months old here
JJ is now 2 years old and almost grown up enough mentally and physically to go out and be shown.